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Ontrack In-Line Orienters

Ontrack In-Line Orienters provide highly accurate, reliable and efficient container orientation prior to filling, capping and labelling stages.

The Ontrack 180 In-Line Selective Orienter rotates and positions containers from 0 to180 degrees.

Servo Linear Axis Movement and Scroll-Ex Feedscrew Technology work together to achieve maximum container stability. By synchronizing container movement with conveyor line speed, the result is continuous container motion and faster container throughput speeds.

The feedscrews controls the pitch of the container as it enters the Orientation zone for correct container presentation. When released from the orientation zone, the taper of the feedscrews direct the container to the centre-line position--accurately, consistently and reliably.

Servo Linear Axis Mechanism increases container stability and reduces packaging line problems by working in parrallel with the conveyor, and keeping both the top and bottom halves of the throughput container moving at the same speed.

In contrast, most typical orientation systems cause the top half of the container to slow down during the orientation process while the bottom half continues at the same speed. This causes containers to become unstable and wobble on the line leading to costly production throughput problems.

The I-180 not only eliminates the wobble effect with its container control technology, but also achieves significantly higher throughput speeds.

Ontrack I-360 In-Line Selective Orienter

When round containers require rotation from any 360 degree position to the exact labelling location required, the Ontrack I-360 can be installed directly to your labeller. Throughput is released directly into the labeller and there is no requirement for additional line length.

Robust in design and capability, the Ontrack I-360 utlilizes the latest technology and provides an extremely accurate orienting system.

Each system comes equipped with a Cognex camera to determine the orientation of every container. Ontrack proprietary software instantly gauges the amount of turning required by the servo driven belts. When the containers are correctly positioned, the Ontrack Feedscrew system ensures accurate delivery into the labeler providing highly accurate and repeatable orientation.

The Ontrack I-360 can easily achieve line speeds of 150 BPM or higher, depending on container size and shape.


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