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BD Orienter Preventative Maintenance


Ontrack offers a 23 point Preventative Maintenance Inspection and Service Report for all Ontrack and former Bottling Development (BD) Orienters. The inspection and report details the current conditions for all major mechanical, electrical and safety components of the Ontrack/BD Orienter. A detailed listing of these components is shown below.

The report includes an analysis of the ‘Current Condition’ of each inspected area along with accompanying ‘Recommendations’ and ‘Required Action’. The Current Condition describes each inspected area in its current sate and benchmarks it to the original factory specification at the time of build. The Recommended and/or Required Action provides maintenance staff with a course of action to either return or maintain each area to the original factory specifications including a schedule of any ongoing maintenance suggestions.

Sample PM Service Report

BD/Ontrack 900
Rotary Orienter

BD/Ontrack 1800
Rotary Orienter

BD/Ontrack 2700
Rotary Orienter

BD/Ontrack 3600
Rotary Orienter

A. Mechanical Audit:

1. Lower Main Drive Unit
2. Lower In‐Feed Star‐wheel Drive Unit
3. Lower Discharge Star‐wheel Drive Unit
4. Lower Feedscrew Drive Unit
5. Upper Feedscrew Drive
6. Upper Hub In‐feed Star‐wheel Drive Unit
7. Upper Hub Discharge Star‐wheel Drive Unit
8. Eight Head Pedestal Base Turret
9. Eight Head Upper Bottle Clamping Turret
10. Pneumatic System

I. Pneumatic Lower Turret
II. Pneumatic Vertical Upper Turret Height Adjustment
III. Pneumatic Valve Assembly
IV. Air Motor and Air Lines

B. Electrical Audit:

1. Main Power Input Connection
2. Main Fuse Panel
3. I‐O Main Panel Inspection and Testing
4. I‐O Operator Control Panel Inspection and Testing
5. VFD Panel
6. Sensors and Photo‐Eyes
7. Junction Box 1

I. Unit Pitch Sensor
II. Downstream Photo Eyes
III. Mac Valve Controlling Rotary Actuators

8. Junction Box 2

I. Main Drive Motor
II. Upstream Sensors
III. Downstream Sensors

C. Safety Audit;

1. Front Door and Front Door Interlock
2. Left Side Door Interlock
3. Right Side Door Interlock
4. Vision System Interlock
5. Main E‐Stop Interlock

History of Ontrack/BD Orienters

Ontrack Automation Inc. is the legal entity which purchased all the assets including technical documentation from the former Bottling Development Company, a Division of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons’ Ltd. The majority of Ontrack management and staff are former employees of BD and either led or had direct hands-on involvement in the design and manufacture of all BD Orienters currently in the field. All original manufacturing and engineering documentation is owned by Ontrack.



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T: 519 886.9090
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E: ontrack@psangelus.com

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