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S-Box Cross-Transfer Drive Unit

‘Laser-Straight’ flow optimizes container stability and reliability of your line

A common problem spot in many packaging lines occurs where container throughput must be transfered across conveyors operating at different speeds -- e.g. when moving from a faster filling station to a slower capping station.

Curved guide rails used on many packaging lines cause container instability, shingling, jamming, falling containers and costly line stoppages. This typically results in higher labour costs and lower line profitability.

The S-Box Cross-Transfer Drive Unit uses straight guide rails to keep container throughput moving in a straight line while curves in the chains beneath the containers complete the transfer. The result is improved reliability, greater line efficiency and significant cost savings.

A ‘Locomotive’ for your line

The S-Box also functions as a power drive unit for your line. Each S-Box is equipped with a 1 HP SEW Movimot motor that has the ability to power your line and keep it moving smoothly and efficiently. The S-Box can be installed to the discharge end of your Labeller, Filler or Capper. When installed with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) unit, the speed of each S-Box can be managed to meet the speed and throughput requirement for each segment of your line. 

Strength, Agility ...and Intelligence

The S-Box can be installed individually to address specific line problems (e.g. minimize OEE Small Stops), or in multiple unit configurations as part of a more comprehensive Packaging Line Management solution. Multiple S-Boxes, when tethered to a centralized Human Machine Interface (HMI), allow the operator to make line speed adjustments from a single control panel. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates problems associated with side transfer of unstable containers.
  • Straight guide rails ensure direct forward flow, higher efficiency and greater overall reliability.
  • SEW Movimot 1 HP Gear Motor provides power to your line.
  • Integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows variable speed control.
  • Standard unit accommodates flexible chain configurations from 3.25” to 4.5” to match your system requirements ; larger chain sizes are also available and may require engineering.
  • Quick change brackets adjust quickly to accommodate almost any size of container throughput (4 are standard).
  • External stainless steel bearings resist corrosion from wash down and reduce costly repairs and downtime.
  • Adjustable legs increase system versatility and enable the S-box to be adapted for use with different line configurations.
  • The Sanitary S-Box is designed for lines with higher sanitary standards and allows for easy wash down requirements.

Additional Configurations

  • Four, five and six lane configurations are available please consult your Ontrack Sales Representative for further details.
  • Can be integrated into a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to preset line speed configurations with container size for ease of line changeover.


s-box side transfer unit for conveyor system in bottling plant

Standard Unit Size Specifications

x               y              chain width

49 ¼”        12 ¼”         3 ¼” - 3 ¼”

49 ¼”        14”             3 ¼” - 4 ½”

49 ¼”        16”             4 ½” - 4 ½”

When is the best time to install an S-Box?

Because of its modular design and compact size (49.25 inches long) the S-Box can be easily added to an existing line or can be part of a more comprehensive Packaging Line Management solution. Here are some examples of good opprtunities to install an S-box solution:

  • When installing new machinery to your line, e.g. filler, labeller, capper.
  • Whenever there is a recognized problem area in a production line—usually caused by the twists and curves of conventional side transfer units.
  • When modifying an existing line to accommodate new throughput requirements (new or modified packaging).
  • When revamping an existing packaging line to increase productivity and reliability.
  • When refurbishing a ‘new to you’ production line from another plant.



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