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Wet Case Detector

STOP wet cases before they reach the pallet!

Just one broken or leaking bottle, left undetected, can cause widespread damage to other cases on the pallet.

The cost of undetected wet cases arriving on your customer's loading dock goes far beyond the cost of simply replacing damaged product. It can also result in customer complaints, dissatisfaction and lost business.

The Wet Case Detector prevents shipment of wet cases by detecting leaks before they leave the packaging line. It senses moisture on the bottom surface of a damaged case and then prompts removal of that case from the line, either manually or automatically. Wet cases are then removed from the line before they reach the skid where liquid spills could easily cause damage to other cases.

Click here to view the product overview video.

How Does it Work?
A series of spring-loaded metal probe conductors located between rollers on a case conveyor look for moisture on the bottom of a case as it moves along the conveyor. When the probes come into contact with moisture, a resulting voltage drop is processed by the HMI. If the voltage drop exceeds a pre-set threshold, the HMI activates the alarm/light beacon, and/or sends signals to other optional output features (e.g automatic rejection arm).

- HMI Controlled - ensitivity of the conductivity sensor is fully adjustable to suit the case and product.
- Standard Sensor Bar is 16 in. but can be factory configured to accomodate 22 in. conveyors
- Light Beacon
- Audio Alarm Tone
- 8 standard inputs, upgradeable to 64
- 8 standard outputs, upgradeable to 64
- Sturdy stainless steel enclosure - 14 ga.

Optional Features
- Rejection Arm - automatically removes damaged cases from the line
- Master Control Interface - can be programmed to stop the conveyor when when wet cases are detected
- Performance tracking and reporting - allows your to track and record the line performance data
- Ability to integrate with other End-of-Line QUality Management equipment (check weigher, loose flap and missing/misplaced label, and missing bottle detection)

No Change Over
No change parts are required. The probes are designed to span the width of your case conveyor and can detect both wide and narrow cases.

Easy Installation
The unit requires a 120 volt power supply, and conductivity probes are 24 volt. The probe assembly is easily is integrated to existing conveyor, no changeover required, with adjustable thresholds to suit case and product.

Reduces the cost of physical damage and reputational risk arising from broken or leaking bottles within a case. Oftentimes a single broken or leaking bottle can cause damage to multiple cases within a single pallet. With early detection, shipment of damaged product can be avoided resulting in a reduction in product losses, customer complaints and reputational risk, and an increase in workplace safety and customer loyalty.

Click here to download an Ontrack Wet Case Detector brochure PDF




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